DVAb1 Finalists

Finalists Annoucement

Our vision is simple

we aim to be the best startup accelerator the region has ever known. To achieve that, we are focus on the following:

1Our compact and flexible batch accepts only fully committed teams with a finished product or a working prototype.

2Our intensive curriculum focuses on startup fundamentals along with a dedicated mentorship program.

3We have a cheque size that matches the best accelerators in the world.

4We provide relentless support post-demo day and tangible corporate partnership program.

About DVA Batch1

  • DVAb1 continues to seek energetic startup teams to join the family.
  • The program offers strong partnership connection, regional competition, VC clinic,
    tech clinic, intensive core courses in business, legal and unparalleled customized
    finance classes, dedicated mentors and a working space at Ananda.
  • Also, we offer a 300,000 Baht grant upfront and an investment package by the end
    of the program.

What We Offer

  • Acceleration in a 6-months
    tailor-made essential program
    with intense and hands-on
    mentorship from Digital
    Ventures mentors

  • 300,000 Baht grant
    (with no equity taken)

  • A mentor to work exclusively
    with each team for
    the entire program

  • Access to SCB customers
    from Digital Ventures

  • Direct connection to
    VC funds and other investors

  • An option to get seed
    funding of at least 1 million
    baht for 4 – 6 % of equity at
    the end of the program

  • Free access to a working
    space for 6 months

  • Opportunity to join local
    and international
    conferences / events

  • Leverage world-class
    technology and platform from
    our investment portfolio

  • Growth hacking consultation

  • A pitching opportunity to
    SCB top executives from
    every business units

  • Access to world class

  • A demo day to present
    your ideas to top VCs
    and investors

  • Relentless support
    post-demo day

Application Criteria

  1. 1 Potentially disruptive
    business ideas
  2. 2 Already have prototype
    or a ready product
  3. 3 Founder’s vision and ambition
    towards regional and global
  4. 4 One of founder member must be
    Thai nationality and the company
    must be registered in Thailand
  5. 5 Team based in Thailand and able to
    fully participate in the program for
    6 months


31 May - 15 July

Application process

16 July - 15 September

Screening process

2 – 13 October

DVA b1 program kick-off

Remarks: Please be advised that this schedule may be subject to change.