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Unlock the Power of Blockchain for Supply Chain

B2P, Blockchain Solution for Procure-to-Pay, is the World’s First fully integrated Blockchain Solution for Procure-to-Pay on R3 Blockchain. With it, supply chain management and Procure-to-Pay becomes more efficient.

Blockchain Disrupting Procure-to-Pay

Design and Built on Cloud

B2P, designed by Accenture and built on Corda Blockchain technology by R3, Is a world-class enterprise blockchain software firm. Secure and transparent, Blockchain is a decentralizecd distributed digital ledger. Authorized parties share universal views of transactions, that once recorded, cannot be altered.




ERP Integration

B2P is integrated with existing ERP systems of an organization so that the Purchase Orders (PO) and Goods Received (GR) can be managed through B2P platform.

PO, GR, and Invoice Visibility

B2P enables all parties Involved In the procurement process to access relevant information from PO issuance to completion of payment. There is an additional benefit for suppliers to request invoice financing online from this platform.

3-Way Matching and
Payment Visibility

B2P automatically matches and verifies the purchase orders, goods received and invoices. Also, the participants are able to track the status of approval and payment in real-time.

Greater Value to All


Replacing paper invoice, users can submit
electronic invoice via B2P platform.

Save time

B2P speeds up transactions and significantly increase
the efficiency of procurement process.

Lower costs

Lower the costs of doing business by process
automation and resource reduction.

Increase business liquidity

B2P quickens invoice financing process
from weeks to days.

On time payments

E2P eliminates payment leadi time and automatically
clears the receivables for suppliers.

In partnership with

  • accenture
  • r3